Switching From Traditional Cigarettes to V2 Electronic Cigarettes
Should I switch to E-Cigs?
Undoubtedly, you have either heard of [E-Cigs] or know someone that has switched from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarette. Perhaps you have considered switching over to an [E-Cigarette]. E-Cigs are expected to become a 1 billion dollar industry this year, but what makes them so popular?

E-Cigarettes are smokeless and odorless, that is one the biggest selling points for most people who have made the switch. Because they are smokeless many "non-smoking" facilities allow E-Cig users to use their devices within their facilities.

While there are numerous different types and styles of v2 cigs coupon, most consist of a battery, a heating element and liquid that contains nicotine and other ingredients. The heating element vaporizes the liquid which the smoker then inhales. Since the nicotine that is inhaled is in a vapor form, many users of E-Cigs refer to themselves as "vapers" and smoking their E-Cigs as "vaping."

Many vapers claim that E-Cigs actually have helped them stop smoking traditional cigarettes. Since the user can control the amount of nicotine in their vapor, they are able to wean themselves down in the amount of nicotine that they are consuming.

E-Cigs can potentially be less expensive than traditional cigarettes. Depending on the system that you choose and the amount that you smoke, the cost savings will vary. In Washington State, one of the highest cost tobacco states in the US, a pack of cigarettes averages about $8.00 per pack. Again, depending on the system you choose and whether or not you choose prepackaged cartridges or fill your own cartridges, E-Cigs cost between $1.00 and $4.00 per pack - a substantial financial savings.

If you are looking for a less expensive and potentially less offensive alternative to traditional smoking perhaps making the switch to E-Cigs is for you.